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Nieuws november 2014


Scanvaegt is terug op de markt.


MJservice voor de Scanvaegt weegschalen in de Benelux.


May 2017


Scanvaegt Systems A/S and Borncut A/S in new strong alliance


Scanvaegt Systems A/S and Borncut A/S have formed a strong alliance to develop, sell and service portion cutters for the global food industry. Portion cutters ensure accurate cutting of fish, poultry and meat, giving customers a greater profit. The first machines are already in production.


The founders of Borncut developed the world’s first portion cutter when working for Norfo back in 1992. That’s when a partnership with the Scanvaegt Group also began. The partnership led to Scanvaegt acquiring Norfo. In 2006, the Scanvaegt Group was sold and collaboration with the new owners ended a few years later.


New partnership rooted in the past

The former alliance has now resumed, and the shared past make Scanvaegt Systems and Borncut the two most knowledgeable companies in the world about portion cutters. The new machines were developed in close collaboration and tested by one of Scanvaegt System’s key customers. Gorm Holger Sørensen, Managing director and head of the development in Borncut says: “Being part of such a committed team in both Borncut and Scanvaegt Systems is quite unique. We have chosen the best and latest technology and we can already release a portion cutter that meets both our own and our customers’ stringent requirements.”


Major benefits for customers

Ole Schou Mortensen, Chairman of the Board in Borncut, says: “The new range of portion cutters is based on the latest technology in portion cutter control and design. The machines are particularly easy to operate – the 3D screen technology visualizes the cutting and makes it even more accurate. This optimises the cutting, increases the product yield and thus the customer’s profits. Meanwhile, the ‘drag and drop' technology makes the machine more intuitive and flexible to use. Cleaning and maintenance is also easier with the new design, and ensures a high level of hygiene and reduced working hours. We have high expectations of the new product line.”


Future promises major growth

Scanvaegt Systems and Borncut anticipate major growth in portion cutter sales. Vice Executive President in Scanvaegt Systems, Jan Deding says: “We have long wanted to be able to offer our customers this product line, and we have a strategy and customer portfolio to match it. That’s why this solution is optimal for both Borncut and us, and we look forward to offering our customers the best solution on the market.”


Borncut A/S – Bornholmian food specialist

Borncut A/S is a newly founded company from Bornholm. Borncut develops and produces equipment and solutions for the global food industry and was founded by the original team behind the world's first portion cutter. The company’s development team has between 12 and 25 years’ experience of portioning and are familiar with the specific market demands of the food industry.